Integrated Acoustics is a specialized division of Harmony Studios Inc., a boutique AV design and integration firm based in Brooklyn, NY. As AV specialists with a unique expertise in acoustics, Danny Shatzkes and Evan Grazi realized that the overwhelming majority of integrators do not consider nor offer acoustic consulting or installation when quoting new AV projects. It is simply not an area that most integrators have expertise in. Recognizing the importance of including acoustics when designing and building out audio systems in commercial environments, and this massive gap in the AV industry, Danny and Evan launched Integrated Acoustics - an outsourced, white label acoustics consulting, engineering, design and installation service specifically for AV integrators.

At Integrated Acoustics our aim is to let integrators show their customers that they care about every aspect of the solutions they will provide, including the acoustics of the spaces where they work. We don't view ourselves as sub-contractors. Rather, we are partners with the integrator and we make sure to represent their brand and customer service to the highest degree. We value each and every partnership and always provide the best possible service with an aim to achieve 100% satisfaction, every time.